The Steele Law Firm, P.C. has extensive dealings in large volume banking and collection matters with attention to foreclosures, loan workouts, UCC Article 9, lender liability, creditors’ rights, judgment enforcement, priority disputes, trust diversion and bankruptcy. We also assist our clients with collateral accounting, preservation, seizure and liquidation. We represent national and regional residential and commercial lenders in residential and business closings.


The Steele Law Firm, P.C. also represents commercial land owners, developers, designers and contractors with respect to development, site location, financing, zoning, variance and land use issues, historical restoration; pre-existing/prior-owner usage claims; land swaps; deed restrictions, encroachments, eminent domain, adverse possession and easements; taxation, PILOTs, assessments and re-assessments; corporate formation/reorganization; and multiple lending program participation including with secondary lenders, private investors, Attorney General’s Office, receivers, trustees, referees, the U.S. Small Business Administration, Community Development programs, Empire Zone/selective business zones, Industrial Development Agencies, historical agencies, not-for-profits and other local, State and Federal agencies.

We assist our clients dealing with wetlands, brown fields, environmental cleanup and hazards (known and discovered post-contract), and site control/safety/stability. We have experience with fire damage, erosion, theft, asbestos, lead paint, medical waste, manufacturing waste, and other hazardous materials and conditions; address issues of water management, water diversion, water erosion; review of Phase I and Phase II reports, environmental impact studies, and engaging environmental engineers and consultants; dealings with green building, LEED building, and projects that address recycling materials; and experience with demolition, repair, and salvaging rights, costs, profits and claims.


The Steele Law Firm, P.C. assists clients with corporate mergers, shareholder disputes, corporate compliance, meetings, proxies, dissolutions, reorganization, financing, business plans, investments, buyouts, stock swaps and transfers, and restructuring for purposes of insurance, liability, cash flow and financing, and succession plans.


The Steele Law Firm, P.C. represents lenders and community banks with respect to commercial lending, refinancing and compliance. We have experience in short sales, consolidations, refinances and foreclosures; the preparation of loan and financing documents, construction and building loans, time notes and bridge financing, security agreements and subordination agreements; addressing contracts to purchase, lease, sale/lease back, rent, and sell; reviewing title policies for exceptions and inclusion and preparing title corrective documents; addressing lender and corporate authorizations and resolutions, and verification of valid corporate status, and Federal and State tax compliance of parties to transaction; and all transfer documents needed for commercial and private clients and lenders.

The Steele Law Firm, P.C. is engaged to review, prepare and obtain lien waivers, creditor waivers, identity affidavits, opinion letters and other documents for clean title conveyances and to secure financing and title insurance. We also have experience in the preparation of necessary State and local approval for condominium, associations, and other joint-use/joint owner arrangements, including purchase/sale contracts, lending, resolutions, presentations, and compliance.


The Steele Law Firm, P.C. also assist our clients in addressing third party claims to land, proceeds from sale, and as against parties to transactions including IRS and State tax levies and liens. We have acted on several occasions as escrow agent. We advise our clients with respect to tenancies, installing new tenants, tenant contract negotiations, transferring leases to new entities, landlord self-help actions, evictions, and holdovers. We review matters that pertain to forced place insurance, insurance claims, insurance review, property security and maintenance, subrogation and indemnification.


The Steele Law Firm, P.C. also offers individual or team seminars free of charge for purposes of discussing new laws, changes to existing laws, lending issues, underwriting concerns, collateralization, and judgment collections.


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