The Steele Law Firm, P.C. represents owners, contractors, and subcontractors in all aspects of construction law, from vision, to planning, financing, contracting, project administration, project completion, turnover, lease management, project sale and re-sale. We have experience with construction projects of every size, from residential construction to multi-million dollar projects in the public and private sectors throughout the country. The Steele Law Firm, P.C. negotiates and drafts contracts, including AIA and AGC form contracts, surety financing, various State agency contracts, takeover and tender agreements and hybrids of, subcontracts, design/build, design-bid-build, CM agreements, CM at risk agreements, and joint venture agreements.


The Steele Law Firm, P.C. assists clients in resolving disputes and addressing issues pertaining to insurance, bidding, bonding, liens, trust fund claims, payment, liens and levies, project delay, scope of work, defective work, extras and change orders, cardinal and material changes, lockout, owner unprepared, mobilization, termination (wrongful and with merit), unknown and discovered conditions, liquidated damages, OSHA, Department of Labor, Unions, risk allocation, risk ratings, and claims management.

The Steele Law Firm, P.C. also represents clients not only during negotiations, but also in trial, on appeals, and in mediations and in arbitrations for matters in both state and federal courts. We pursue and defend various construction claims including breach of contract, wrongful termination, negligent design, non-feasibility of design, defective construction, warranty, indemnity and subrogation, including defending against personal injury and claims under worker protection laws. We assist our clients dealing with wetlands, brown fields, environmental hazards (known and discovered post-contract), and site control/safety/stability. We have experience with fire damage, erosion, theft, asbestos, lead paint, medical waste, manufacturing waste, and other hazardous materials and conditions; review of Phase I and Phase II reports, environmental impact studies, and engaging environmental engineers and consultants; dealings with green building, LEED building, and projects that address recycling materials; and experience with demolition, repair, and salvaging rights, costs, profits and claims.

The Steele Law Firm, P.C. also assists contractors, construction managers, owners, architects and engineers on day to day operations of projects. We assist with compliance provide education for Federal and State mandates such as competitive bidding, sealed bidding, confidentiality, diversity, minority, Affirmative Action, M-W-VBEs, labor agreements, prevailing wages and work agreements. We address safety issues with our clients, worker and labor laws, OSHA compliance, safety and operation manuals and procedures, violations and write-ups, employee overseeing and education, owner education and liability, adequacy of insurance coverage and amounts for risks taken. We assist in project closeout, turnover, warranties, extended warranties, voiding of warranties, and O&M. We also offer our clients in-house and site training and uniquely tailored self-administered risk management programs.

The Steele Law Firm, P.C. offers regular seminars as part of its “Tool Box Series” offering a variety of subjects for discussion and instruction in condensed format to allow for maximum exposure to industry topics with minimal interruption to the attendee’s schedule. We also prepare uniquely tailored self-administered risk management programs for contractors and construction managers, and conduct in-house and New York State Bar Association approved legal continuing education seminars for attorneys and those in the construction industry.


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