Continuing Education – National Academy of Continuing Legal Education

Wednesday, 16 of August , 2023

On Thursday, August 17, 2023, Kimberly A. Steele, Esq. will host a national live webinar in conjunction with National Academy of Continuing Legal Education.

The topic will be “Ethics In Modern Day Legal Practice – The Current Hot Ethical Topics Found in Client Grievances and Malpractice Suits”. While focusing on the rules that govern attorney conduct, the course explores application of the rules to the ever-changing landscape of legal practice. Specific addressment includes preservation of electronic data, cyber security, social media, and electronics and technology in the (in-person and virtual) courtroom. The course also touches upon the healthy and unhealthy client, malpractice actions, and grievances, while exploring ethical considerations pertaining to clients and the attorney-client relationship. Lastly, the course addresses the “healthy” attorney and the professional and personal resources available to judges, lawyers, and law students. For further information, please contact National Academy of Continuing Legal Education at 212-776-4943 or visit them at