Friday, 31 of May , 2013
The Oswego County  District Attorney’s office is joining efforts with the Traffic Safety Council to implement the new “Alive at 25” program in Oswego County.  The program is an effort to educate 16 to 24 year old drivers (and hopefully keep them alive) by teaching them how to avoid dangerous behavior behind the wheel.
From this point forward, all 16-24 year old drivers with cell phone, texting, speeding, and other moving violations must attend the program, even if they are represented by counsel, in order to be eligible for a reduction.  While specifically focusing on drivers with cell phone, texting, and speeding tickets, this requirement also applies to other moving violations.  The program is not required for seatbelt tickets, equipment violations, or insurance / registration / inspection tickets and does not does replace the “Operation U-Turn” program currently used for underage DWI / DWAI tickets.
The Oswego County “Alive at 25” program is a 4-hour course that follows established protocols that have proven effective in reaching younger drivers. While it is designed to educate younger drivers, it is not a point-reduction course.
Defendants can register for the course online ( or by phone (800-255-1300 ext. 13). Since the program is recognized statewide, drivers can attend any “Alive at 25” course across the state to meet this requirement, although courses will be offered at least twice a month in Oswego County.